from Not your type by Hera Hjartardottir

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Make believe girl, with the red red rose in her hair
You see her walk past, does she know you are there,
Tell her you've seen her, you dream about her·

Ribbons and string tied to snowflakes, and things that aren't there
She's all in her world and she just doesn't care
How many people are looking at her.

You took her hand
You led her to somewhere new,
You told her that fish can't fly,
You told her her dreams weren't true.
And why... she cried.
And why... she called.
And if it's going to be like that
I'll never grow up at all.

Beautiful woman with roses and stars in her hair,
Wearing a smile as she floats through the air,
How many people are staring at her...

Tell me now woman, with roses and stars in your hair
Why do you glow as you glide through the air,
talk to the wind and then say you don't care..?

When I was young
I met a man so blue,
He told me that fish can't fly,
He told me my dreams weren't true.
And why... I cried.
And why... I called.
And if it´s going to be like that
I´ll never grow up at all·

She´ll never grow up at all,
I´ll never grow up· at all.


from Not your type, released January 1, 2002


all rights reserved



Hera Iceland

Icelandic singer/songwriter, based in Christchurch New Zealand.. much more info at or see videos at

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